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Paving & Tiling

Is your entertaining area looking old, tired and run down?

Are you currently building your dream home or extending your current one? Would like to extend your outdoor living area by paving or tiling to give you more room to entertain or simply have somewhere for the kids to play without bringing the dirt inside? Or do you love to entertain, but too embarrassed to have guest over due to an unsightly area with cracked concrete, uneven pavers or just simply in need of a makeover?

Secure Pave specialises in laying large format pavers and tiles & Natural Stone for all outdoor applications.
We can help you bring the indoors outdoors by extending your
living spaces to create an amazing paved/tiled area in your backyard.

Do you have existing concrete that you want to spruce up but don’t want the cost of pulling it up? Depending on a few factors, we can pave or tile straight over the top of most existing concrete slabs using special adhesives which will stay there forever! If you don’t have an existing concrete slab, we can pour a new one and then lay a large format paver/tiler on the slab to make your area look bigger than it actually is!

By paving or tiling your new entertaining area, paths or driveway, you are instantly adding value to your home for the long term. By selecting the right product, you can have an entertaining area or patio that will never date and will remain timeless.

Benefits of Paving or Tiling:

  • Extend your outdoor living area, by creating a clean, classy and maintenance-free area.
  • Make your small space look and feel larger by laying large format pavers or tiles.
  • No cracks or ugly blotches like concrete can have.
  • Vibrant colours that will make your outdoor area look, feel and sound inviting.
  • Easy to keep clean, especially after applying a sealer to your pavers or tiles.
  • Adds value to your home, instantly change the look of your home
    and give it the prestigious feel.
  • Be the envy of all your friends by creating a beautiful outdoor area to entertain.
  • Have the “Royal” driveway you have always wanted and create something different
    to everyone else in the street that doesn’t crack, sink or move over time.