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Swimming Pools

Have you recently had a pool installed or is thinking of installing a pool, and would like help with the pool coping and surrounding paving?

For most people – besides a house or car – a swimming pool can be the single biggest expense. And if you are going to spend that sort of money you will want it done right the first time. A swimming pool is something that is going to be used time and time again, especially during those hot summers when we are spending time with our family and friends, soaking up the rays, playing volleyball in the pool, or just simply relaxing with a few drinks. Nothing could be more embarrassing than having a coping paver fall off into the pool, or seeing cracks in your grout when sitting by the water’s edge. At Secure Pave, we guarantee the quality of all our work so you know thats it’s going to stand the test of time.

There is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than to be sitting around your brand new pool admiring how beautiful its beauty and getting compliments along the way.

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Whether it be a fibreglass or concrete pool, Secure Pave can lay all types of paving around your pool, from Large Format pavers to Natural Stone. Secure Pave has the experience to get the job done right the first time using quality adhesives suitable for pools and by making your pool the feature of your backyard to standout from the rest.

So what is Pool Coping and Waterline tiles?


Pool coping is the edge paver that goes around the top of the swimming pool which defines the edge of the pool. It is an essential finishing technique for all swimming pools. It seals the the pool shell or structure from the surrounds, as well as acting to protect the outside parts of the pool from water damage.

As well as being practical, pool coping and waterline tiles are still incredibly attractive, and becomes an essential part of the aesthetics of the pool. The pool coping can be a standalone feature, much like garden edging, or it can be the part of the pool that ties the pool into the paved area. When it comes to pool coping, there are different types that you can choose from. Pool coping generally comes in two finishes, for example – square edged (a straight down finish) or bull nose (where one or more edges are rounded to provide a softer finish). Which finish you choose will depend on the look that you prefer, and who will be using the pool. For instance, bull nose pool coping can be safer if you have small children who could potentially bump their heads on the edge of the pool.

Pool coping also comes in different materials. The most common include natural stone (limestone, sandstone, slate, granite etc), concrete pavers, clay pavers, and brick. These materials come in a range of colours and patterns which can all be easily sealed to prevent water from the pool causing damage or leaving water marks. A non slip coating is best as it will increase safety and reduce the risk of people slipping on the coping.